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Ordering Online

CALL #519-977-1881 for instant response and more complex difficult orders

-Please wait for confirmation email to give you approximate time (call 519-977-1881 if no response within 15 mins)

*applicable Taxes are not shown in cart, but will be calculated when you pay, No tax on delivery fee, or tips*

Please observe days and hours of operation

Currently  Tuesday-Saturday 5pm - 9pm for deliveries and pick ups only 

Pick-up or Delivery 

Please select an option to add to basket

if you are out of boundaries, please call 519-977-1881 to see if possible for an additional charge

If no option is chosen, pick-up is assumed

*Note* currently giving complimentary chips +salsa/pico during these tough times

thanks for your support

Tips Appreciated, but not necessary

Thanks in advance from our fam. to yours. 





5 friend cinnamon donut sticks

Churros w/ Nutella 



MarGOrita Kits

Includes 200ml Premium Tequila, Patented Margarita Mix, Ice, & Limes

*leave note if you want frozen (slush)

6 pack of beers of Mexico

Random 6 pack of Mexican Beers or leave Note of which you prefer

Tips Appreciated, but not necessary

Thanks for your support. To Insure Prompt Service

Any notes or info you need us to know about? Add this memo to csrt

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